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Follow instructions below to download your data then upload your zip file here. If everything looks good, you will be shown your secret 6-digit pin on the next page.

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DEEP SOLUTIONS uses information collected by Facebook to build a customized Virtual Reality experience. Users are asked to download their information from Facebook and then submit it to our secure online server. A 6 digit code is provided which can be used to access your personalized experience once at the AGA. If you do not have a Facebook account or prefer to not participate in the customized experience, a generic experience will be available at the AGA.


This process involves 2 stages: first downloading your information from Facebook and second uploading it to our secure server.

  • Login to your Facebook account and click the arrow on the top right
    Click “Settings”
  • Click “Your Facebook Information” on the left
    Click “Download your information”
  • Change the format to “json”
  • Click “deselect all”
  • Select “Friends”
  • Select “Ads”
    Select “Location”
  • Scroll to the top and click “Create File”
  • Facebook will now process your file. This can take anywhere between 1 minute to many hours. You can log out of Facebook at this time. You will receive an email or Facebook notification when the data is available.
  • Return to your Facebook account and click on the notifications bell, then click “Your Facebook information file is ready to download”
  • Click “Download” on the following page


Q. What information are you collecting about me?

We only use three pieces of information:
- The words that Facebook uses to target advertising to you
- The location information that Facebook collects when you use its services
- Your unfriended friend list

We do not need any more information from you and any other information that is included in your zip file will be automatically deleted.
Your name is not included in the information we use, nor are any messages, photos or other identifiable data.

Q. How is my information stored?

Once you upload your file to our server, your information is immediately converted into media files for your customized virtual reality experience and your original files are deleted.
These media files are stored on our secure online server, they are also synchronized to the virtual reality computer located in the AGA.